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Impact Plumbing comes prepared to tackle any ongoing plumbing and drain service issues. No matter the size of your problem, you can always expect the same core values from our group of trained professionals.

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At Impact we use only the most sophisticated technology to investigate and diagnose your drain service problem.

It can be stressful trying to figure out why your sink isn’t draining or why water is regurgitating up from your tub. This is where the drain service experts at Impact can help. It is important to call a professional during these times, as the last thing you want is to create further damage.

Our team always recommends inspecting a drain before administering machinery. It provides our technician with a very clear picture to analyse the situation and determine the correct course of action. This is called a Camera Inspection, and it will provide us LIVE pictures of your drain so we can clearly see any issues. 

When you take into consideration that most Toronto homes are being serviced by a drain that is over 70 years old it is in your best interest to be proactive. You should consider inspecting or servicing your drain BEFORE you are in an emergency situation or before purchasing your investment.

We come with the best technology AND the best customer service!

Drain service issues we are experts at fixing:

Drains Invaded by Tree Roots Tree’s love water too and can grow into your main line cutting down the water flow to your investment.

Broken Drain Pipes This can often be caused by the soil shifting around the pipe and creating enough pressure to cause it to cave in.

Blocked Drain Pipes When your sink just won’t drain, it could be the cause of a build-up or blockage farther down the line. A Camera inspection is the best way to see the issue quickly.

Sewage Smell from Drains A common reason you might have an unwanted smell is a lack of required traps or vents in your drains. Best to call an expert at Impact to investigate.

Cracked Drain Pipe All Toronto homes built prior to 1985 have clay underground pipes carrying their flow. Naturally these pipes suffer deterioration and destruction over time, and this fact compromises their integrity and effectiveness eventually.

Leaking Drain Pipe A cracked or not properly sealed pipe can leak slowly over time causing your water pressure to lessen and allow tree roots to creep in. If the crack is close enough to your investments foundation this could cause major deterioration and be structurally jeopardizing.

Frozen Drain Pipes – Our harsh Canadian winters can wreak havoc on old pipes that are not properly installed or insulated to be able to survive the elements.

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