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At Impact Plumbing we are known our knowledge of the history of Water Service in Toronto and we care about informing the residents of our community of potential health hazards. One of the main concerns we address with clients is about Water Service in Toronto and the potential risk of old lead pipes. Lead does not exist in Toronto’s water source or in the water that comes out of the water treatment plants. It is carried into your home through lead pipes connected to the main water supply on your street.

Prior to the mid-1950’s many Toronto homes were being serviced by lead water pipes, as this material was common to use at the time. Due to amazing advances in technology, lead is now obsolete and dangerous to keep around if very old. It actually corrodes and breaks down over time causing flakes of lead to come off and enter your home water.

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How to know if your home has lead Water Service in Toronto:

The City of Toronto had an estimated 65,000 lead Water Services prior to the implementation of the Lead Replacement Program in 2008. Homes built before the mid-1950s may have lead Water Service in Toronto, connecting them to the water supply system. You can check your homes record to find out when it was built by contacting the City of Toronto Archives, click here to learn more.

If your home was built before the mid-1950s your Water Service pipe will need to be replaced. This responsibility and pipe is partly owned by the home owner and by the City.

  • The part that the City owns runs from the watermain on the street to the property line.
  • The part that the homeowner owns runs from the property line into the home.

If you find that your Water Service in Toronto is in fact lead, it is advisable to replace your portion of right away. You can then request the City replace their portion by applying to the Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program. This program allows home owners to speed up the replacement process by alerting the City that there is lead service on your street. To find out more about this program, click here.

By replacing both parts of your Water Service in Toronto you will be effectively removing any lead from the water in your home.

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Old Water Service Shut off – Prone to breaking

 Health effects of lead in your water:

  • Infants or children under 6 could experience delays in their physical or mental development.
  • Children could show slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities.
  • Adults who drink this water over many years could develop kidney problems and/or high blood pressure.
  • Other long term effects are cancer and stroke as the lead interferes with red blood cell chemistry.

Benefits of replacing your service:

  • Safety and security that the water you are drinking is clean and lead FREE!

  • Improved water pressure as a result of upgrading your pipe from 3/4″ lead pipe to 1″ copper pipe. 

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New copper shut off valve on water meter

Safety = Smart

If your home is older, more than likely your Water Service in Toronto needs an upgrade. Contact Impact Plumbing today to schedule an inspection. Our reliable plumbers come backed with advanced technology and a thorough knowledge of Water Service in Toronto. Do what’s best for your family and upgrade to a new, safer copper pipe. Remember, health comes first.

For more information about Water Service in Toronto consult the City of Toronto website here.