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Drain replacement can be a difficult but necessary solution to some water service issues.  

Fortunately, the Impact Plumbing team is highly skilled and specialized in this area making for a smooth transition to a new system.  

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When you take into consideration that most Toronto homes and businesses are being serviced by a drain that is over 70 years old it is in your best interest to be proactive. These older systems are often using clay or cast iron drains, which require more frequent replacement than other materials. Sections of these older drains can shift over time due to harsh Canadian winters causing cracks and vulnerabilities.

Newer properties use PVC or ABS drains because of the durability of the materials and the cost effective nature of the installation.

After all other efforts has been exhausted to clear a drain, the last option is to physically locate and excavate the failing section. We take great care to preserve your landscape while ensuring our job site is clean and all safety precautions are in place.

At Impact Plumbing our skillful team can provide anything from a simple basement drain replacement to a complete waterline drain replacement and installation.

At Impact Plumbing our focus is to maintain the safety and cleanliness of all excavation job sites while using only the best equipment. We do this to ensure we deliver high quality work that lasts a lifetime and to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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