frozen pipesThis winter we have already seen record-breaking temperatures here in Toronto. According to statistics provided by City of Toronto staff, there have been approximately 250 water main breaks in Toronto since Dec. 28. These extremely cold temperatures can have a disastrous effect on your homes plumbing system and can cause a lot of damage if not properly dealt with.

At Impact our team has been on the scene for many burst pipes and frozen pipes this past week. In response to so many emergency plumbing calls, we wanted to take a minute to remind you what you can do to prepare your home for the cold.

  1. If you have an outdoor irrigation system, make sure it has been winterized or shut down properly! This means draining the system of water and ensuring there are no leaks. Skipping this could mean expensive repairs to frozen pipes.  
  2. Confirm any plumbing that is in a cold or drafty area is insulated. If you have a bathroom on an outside wall that has no insulation, consider running space heaters in that area to make sure you don’t get frozen pipes. We have come across a lot of basements that are not properly insulated. When copper pipes are up against an uninsulated wall most of the time they are in the danger zone of freezing if the temperatures get too cold.
  3. Know where to find your main water shut off valve and make sure it works! This may seem very obvious however we do go to a lot of house calls where an owner has no idea. Hint: This valve will be located very close to your water meter or where the water line comes into your house.

It is always best to be prepared but in case you run into an emergency situation or have frozen pipes, call the expert team at Impact Plumbing!

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