toronto waterproofing

With extreme weather conditions effecting Toronto again this Spring, we’d like to remind you the importance of having your home waterproofed!

As we all know water can be a destructive force. It looks like we are once again facing another wet and wild Spring in the GTA. Just as we saw last year when record breaking amounts of rainfall hit the GTA, homes and businesses alike are being lost and even destroyed forever.

Don’t let this be you! If you have reason to believe your home or business might be experiencing any of the following issues do not hesitate to book a consultation with one of the waterproofing experts at Impact immediately.




Water or dampness in your basement

Water or dampness in your basement

wet basement

Wet spots on foundation walls or floors

mold in basement

Mold in basement

Drain back up

Drain back ups

Waterproofing in Toronto

Water pooling around foundation

Already this turbulent season Impact has been working diligently to protect its client’s properties from the adverse or even epic Toronto weather. We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of our recent efforts to battle Mother Nature on your behalf.

Before inadequate waterproofing-2

Inadequate waterproofing

Before inadequate waterproofing

Inadequate waterproofing

correct Toronto Waterproofing

Correct waterproofing

Finished correct waterproofing

Correct waterproofing

Toronto Waterproofing finished

Finished waterproofing

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