commercial plumbing and drains4Impact Plumbing recent commercial plumbing job highlights! Installing new water service and drain pipe for a new townhouse complex in Toronto!

Impact Plumbing partners with several prestigious builders in the Toronto area to bring our high quality plumbing work to new commercial sites being built in Toronto. As a preferred partner, Impact offers a superior level of service, knowledge and dependability to builders looking to get the job done right.

Recently we were contracted to install new exterior water service and drains for a new townhouse complex being built. Our expert team began with coring holes in the units foundation in order to run the 6” drain line and new 1” copper water service. We then ran the 6” drain line 100-120 feet picking up each unit and ending the line into a clean out pit. Making sure it is expertly leveled and bedded with proper stone bedding. We also cored the holes in the pit and connected the drain pipe.

The Impact team then connected to the main City water connection with 2” copper pipe, running this the length of the units with 1” water line connections coming off for each unit. We then finished the holes from the outside with hydraulic cement.

commercial plumbing and drains
commercial plumbing and drains2
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The Impact Plumbing team is counted on by many builders in the Toronto area to provide high quality commercial plumbing and drain work. From running new exterior plumbing and drains to roughing in a new house, the Impact team has the knowledge and ability to do it all.

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