To kick off the summer construction season here in Toronto, the Eglinton corridor may be experiencing low water pressure due to construction on the new LRT subway. MetroLinx crew is reportedly conducting 2 trial water shut offs. Be prepared to experience some disruption in your water service if you live close to the construction! Read more here from the City of Toronto.

Don’t live close to the new LRT subway or on Eglinton Ave?

You may have more going on in your drains and its time for an inspection! Low water pressure could be a culprit of a clogged drain from growing tree roots or even a partially collapsed drain. It is best to get your drain camera inspected to see what is going on in the line. We do these regularly for clients to get a really good idea of what is causing their low water pressure.  A simple and cost effective inspection can clear up the problem fast, delaying can cause the problem to worsen over time and seasons.

Remember Toronto homeowners are responsible for maintaining the plumbing from the point at which it enters their property. The pipes outside your property line are the responsibility of the Toronto municipality.

Should you be experiencing low water pressure and want to get the problem inspected the Impact team is ready to help 647-295-9941.

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