At Impact Plumbing we get called to all kinds of emergency situations but one extremely common problem we see is people having a flooded basement in Toronto. Lately, these calls have been increasing in frequency. It could be the onset of the Fall season and the heavy rain but, we have been noticing a disturbing trend happening in Toronto: the installation of cheap and inadequate Sump Pumps.

We have been answering many calls for a flooded basement in Toronto by home owners who already installed a Sump Pump and are understandably upset why it isn’t working. When we examine their Sump Pump system and the water conditions around their house we find that the previous owner, or installer actually cut corners on both materials and installation.

Shielding your home/investment from a flooded basement in Toronto should come first before a “deal”. The pain you will suffer both emotionally and financially because of an inadequate Sump Pump will be far worse than the little sting of preparation.

The Real Cost of a “deal”

Installing a sub-par system leads to problems, it’s just a fact.

Inadequate systems can lead to:

  • Odors
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Breathing hazards
  • Flooding
  • Ruined décor
  • Costly repairs
  • Installing a whole new Sump Pump
  • Wet basement

Inadequate Sump Pumps in Toronto

“But they said I was getting a great deal for a good enough system” you exclaim. Wait, you say a good enough system? Let us tell you, a Sump Pump system needs to be better than “good enough” to prevent having a flooded basement in Toronto. If you want water ruining your valuables and costing you money then by all means stop reading now and search out a “deal”. We are focused on providing serious home owners with serious Sump Pump systems for protecting their investment the right way, with the right products.

The team at Impact Plumbing has helped rectify a large number of faulty installations. Here is a handy chart to see if your Sump Pump passes our test.


 #1 – Is the cement cracked around the pit and hardly supporting it ?

 #2 – Is your Sump Pump going off every 20-30 minutes when it’s not raining ?

 #3 – Does your Sump pit have a lid that actually seals ?

 #4 – Do you smell rotting garbage as soon as you get close it ?

 #5 – Are their electrical wires running along the ground ?

 #6 – Can you hear the pump from far away ?

 #7 – Do you still experience a flooded basement in Toronto even though you have a Sump Pump ?









If you answered yes to any of these you need to call us immediately. Not fixing these issues could lead to a flooded basement in Toronto and all the associated costs and health hazards. It is important to hire a team that will evaluate all aspects of your particular water situation and recommend products that WILL work for you. Remember at Impact Plumbing we specialize in designing Sump Pump systems that are not only highly effective for any water situation but last a lifetime.

Furthermore, the City of Toronto now has a Basement flooding protection subsidy program that can SAVE you money the right way. This rebate covers 80% of the invoiced cost. If you are interested in obtaining this rebate contact us today to learn more! We even help you with your rebate application!