shower faucet installThe home renovation and building in Toronto doesn’t stop, and the team at Impact is on the front lines!! We have already been gearing up for a phenomenal 2018 and that means closing out on-going rough-in work and installing all the beautiful fixtures that complete a home.

Impact Plumbing works with home builders of all sizes and all over the City of Toronto supplying plumbing and drain services. What makes our service stand out is our dedication to the builders’ vision. We work cooperatively to make their dream a reality, even if it takes a little longer. Often, residential building does go beyond its project completion date and one of the last steps is installing the final fixtures. At Impact, we go above and beyond to ensure our part gets done fast, even if you are in a rush.

From hooking up the water meter to installing the kitchen sink the team at Impact has you covered!

water line install

Finishing the water tank install

bathroom faucet install 2

Bathroom faucet all hooked up

floor drain

Prepping the finishing touches for a 4″ floor drain

kitchen sink install

New kitchen sink installed


Impact plumbing is a hands-on, owner operated company based in Toronto, Ontario. Each of our team members are dedicated to this company and their career. Aiming to develop a one-on-one relationship with every customer to ensure that their needs have been met.

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