On June 1st, 2015, the Impact Plumbing team gathered at the Radisson Hotel in Toronto, Ontario for their first Professional Development day!

The IMPACT team were introduced to all new initiatives

IMPACT Plumbing explained its new branding campaign with our new re-imaged LOGO and colour now visible on new uniforms, work vehicles and online presence.

New technologies including digital dispatch, allowing us to connect in real time. Along with tablets mounted in every work vehicle, we will bring exactly the kind of high-speed synchronicity Toronto demands.

IMPACT also has spared no expense in outfitting each work vehicle with all new upgraded Saftey Kits, new specialty Tool Sets and uniformed material storage systems. This ensures we are always prepared to get the job done right the first time.

Our new innovations start right here, right NOW.

Our redesigned work model is in focus and ready to be utilized! This motivational presentation inspired the entire team, with new challenges and rewards for all. Team members left invigorated and eager to work for customers like you.

Thanks to all involved!