At Impact Plumbing, we are continuously advising the community to get a Backwater Valve in Toronto, as it is the ONLY way to prevent sewer backflow into your home. This hazardous backflow can cause expensive damage AND serious health problems. It is after all sewage from any house, business or building in your neighborhood coming back up the drain and flooding into your basement! YUCK!

In Toronto we see as much as 90mm of rain in a single hour! This occasional causes our overburden and 100 year old sewer system A LOT of stress. It was not designed to handle that much water flow in such a short time and when it gets overwhelmed it STOPS flowing. This is when the real problems for home owners occur! If the sewer is full and has nowhere to go, guess where it starts to drift into? YOUR HOME!

Installing a Backwater Valve in Toronto is the ONLY way to protect and prevent hazardous sewage from flowing up and into your basement. Coming out of the floor drain, toilet or even the sink!

How a Back-up Can Happen

Sump Pump System

How a Backwater Valve in Toronto works:

A device called a Backwater Valve is installed on your main pipe (service connection) that transports sewage away from your house. Once properly installed, the Backwater Valve will only allow flow one-way. This GUARANTEES sewage can only flow out, but not back in! This is achieved by a flap that opens one way towards the city sewer, and closes if any water tries to flow back towards the home.

Varieties of Backwater Valve in Toronto

Fullport Backwater Valve

This is the most common product put into regular homes with regular water issues.

This device has a clear top that makes inspecting the internal components easy. It has a standard opening flap that allows the sewer system to ‘vent’ any gases. The components also allow easy access for cameras or drain snakes so they can pass over the open gate without causing any damage.

 These devices are installed INSIDE a home.

Adapt-a-Valve Backwater Valve

The Adapt-a-Valve Extendable Backwater Valve is one of the other options and enables servicing of backwater valves deeper than 2 feet.

This adaptable valve is used in a variety of applications including both commercial and residential use. In some cases, predominantly when a home is built on a concrete slab or above a crawlspace, it is not possible to install a backflow prevention valve on the inside.  The Adapt-A-Valve is designed as an alternative and economical valve to be installed outdoors in the ground. Is also an excellent product to install anytime you are doing an exterior excavation or water proofing. Especially when removing a building trap. 

 If you have experienced basement flooding as a result of backflow from the sewer, you need to call us immediately! Not fixing these issues could lead to MORE flooding, MORE damage and MORE health hazards, like mold and mildew growth. It is important to hire a team that will evaluate all aspects of your particular situation and recommend Backwater Valve in Toronto products that WILL work for you.

At Impact Plumbing we strive to always be innovating new ways to use the best technology on the market. We do this to bring our customers advanced installation methods, the greatest products and a superior level of service.

Don’t Forget, installing a Backwater Valve in Toronto is part of the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. This entitles you to rebates! Read more here.